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Rugger Rascal’s Coaching Program

How do you start your own rugby coaching business—without being trapped by limiting non-competes and large franchise fees? By following our coaching program of course!

Coaching Program Benefits

Here are a few things you can expect from our program, which teaches you our formula for a winning rugby business that helps produce confident, sport-loving kids and happy parents.

Start your rugby business anytime, anywhere in the world

Our program is delivered online, so you can learn and apply our trainings wherever you happen to be. Learn at your own pace. Coach full-time or part time—whatever fits your needs.

Learn from industry experts

Sporty Rascals is an established brand in preschool sports that was founded by Laura Way, who has first-class honours in sport science, is qualified in health-related exercise for children, has worked with education authorities, and is continuing research in early-years physical activity.

Enjoy no franchise fees

Unlike most other programs, ours is not a franchise. Pay for the program, learn, and apply. That’s it. Everything you earn is yours.

Who Can Use Our Coaching Program?

Just about anyone that loves coaching people, especially children, can use our program:

  • Rugby clubs that already teach children six years and up
  • Parents and carers who want to incorporate more sport into their children’s lives
  • Personal trainers/fitness professionals
  • Dads or mums who are looking for extra income
  • Nurseries that want to train staff to deliver coaching or generate additional revenue
  • University students studying sport who want an extra income

What you will get from our training programme

Online training

☆ Easy to follow animated videos that break each activity down step by step.
☆ Audio tutorials to develop key skills and bring your learning to life.
☆ Downloadable workbook to take with you on the go.

Online community

Exclusive online community where you can access live trainings and updates, ask questions and get support from tutors, students and graduate coaches.

Learn at your own pace

Multimedia sessions mean lessons can be done at your own pace and revisited again and again!

Certificate on completion of course

All of our packages include the following training:

  • How to successfully work with children from 18m – 6yrs in an early years sport setting
  • Creating the right environment so that children thrive and have fun!
  • How to manage your coaching sessions so that they run seamlessly
  • Warm up activities
  • Ball orientation skills
  • Fundamentals of passing and catching
  • Passing and catching progressions
  • Kicking fundamentals
  • Kicking progressions
  • Additional games to introduce fundamental movement skills into your sessions
  • Cool down ideas
  • How to adapt your sessions for nurseries and kindergarten settings
  • The foundations of building a successful lesson plan
  • Health and safety considerations when working with early years groups
  • Lesson plan for all 3 key stages with progression ideas and workbook of games and activities

Silver package extras are:

  • Free listing on our website and use of Rugger Rascals Instructor logo to help market your classes
  • Business checklist and workbook of resources
  • Access to merchandise for branding and additional revenue

Gold package includes all that is in the silver package plus:

  • A year’s free access to our fundamental movement skills curriculum (usually £360) which includes a full year of readymade lesson plans.

Whichever option you choose, you’ll enjoy an easy-to-use online learning experience, the ability to track your progress, and engaging tutor support.

Bronze Package

For those that have a business set up already and want to add some additional skills to their repertoire this is the package for you. We will teach you all there is to know about setting up and then taking rugby classes with pre-schoolers.
The bronze package also gives you access to our affiliate pricing schemes that we have negotiated with key suppliers of insurance, first aid training, booking systems and kit suppliers to ensure you get better prices for all the essentials you need to run preschool classes

Price - £649

Silver Package

No fluff. No filler. Just everything you need to start your own rugby coaching business and give preschool-aged children the skills they need to excel at sports. Don’t want to have to think about logos, paperwork or marketing material? Hit the ground running with our full Rugger Rascals Instructor training course. Every module from the bronze introductory course plus form templates, additional business checklist and resources, guidance on how to utilise free social media, free listing on our Rugger Rascals coaching directory and use of Rugger Rascals Instructor logo to help you market your classes. For those starting out in this field for the first time this is the course we recommend.

Price - £849

Gold Package

Want to save time on lesson planning and have a full year of games and plans at your fingertips then this is the package for you! Every module from the course, all of the benefits of the silver package plus a year’s free access to the fundamental movement skills database (usually £360 per annum). Our online curriculum breaks all of the games and lesson plans into age groups in an easy to follow format, showing progressions and how you can adapt games to suit different abilities. This really is the icing on the cake when it comes to running a preschool business for the first time and will stand you at the top of the preschool coaching mountain!

Price - £999

Face to face training weekend, September 26th and 27th.
Location: Surrey, UK

See what our coaches are saying

You can also check out our classes and see what parents are saying about them.


Graduates of our training that go on to purchase our yearly subscription package can use an individual ‘Rugger Rascals Instructor’ logo to show that they have trained through us and can also list their details as a coach on our main website and purchase branded kit for merchandising and social media advertising.  Doing so reflects that you are an individual coach or business that has trained through our rugby program and delivers its contents.  You are not permitted to imply any commercial relationship with Rugger Rascals. 

We are not a franchise.  Instead we offer more flexible ways for people to integrate preschool sports into their community in ways that fit their individual needs.  For those that want to simply add preschool sports to an existing sports /fitness business they can simply purchase our training, learn, and then purchase regular lesson plans if they wish to do so.  For those that do not have an existing sports/fitness business, we recommend purchasing our yearly subscription package which will enable you to list your details on our main website and receive a ‘Rugger Rascals Instructor’ logo for marketing purposes.  By offering more flexible solutions we hope to make preschool sports more accessible to all.

There is excellent earning potentially in running your own preschool rugby classes.  Classes are low cost to set up and can be delivered in preschools and nurseries in addition to private classes in venues such as gyms, sports clubs and public halls.  By charging per child per class you are able to build up the profitability of each class by increasing class numbers, or you can charge a higher hourly rate for one-to-one coaching.  You can also charge preschools or nurseries a set session charge.  Advice or what to charge is included in the Rugger Rascals Instructor training course.

Yes. To teach preschool sports professionally, in most countries you will need professional liability insurance. Most schools or venues will ask you for a copy of your professional liability insurance certificate. For U.K based coaches we recommend using Insure4sport who are specialist sports insurers.

To be able to teach preschool sports you need quality training, professional liability insurance and a basic first aid certificate. We also advice that you comply with regulations in your specific country about getting police vetted before instructing preschool sports classes.
With our Rugger Rascals Instructor Training certificate you will be able to obtain professional liability insurance. To be able to get the certificate you are required to complete the course and each of the questions at the end of every module. On completion of these steps you will receive a Rugger Rascals Online Training certificate with your photo and name on it.

Yes. We provide a full and basic kit list within the training course which lists the minimum items you will need to get started as well as the more comprehensive kit list for all of our games. These can either be purchased as a bundle through Sporty Rascals or you can obtain them individually through a provider of your choice.

Our Rugger Rascals instructor training course equips you to teach preschool children from 18 months to 6 years old.

No prior qualifications are required, however you must be over the age of 18 and have the energy, fitness and enthusiasm to teach preschool sports.